Partnerships with Architects, Planners & Project Managers

aSquare Planning believes in positive collaborations between professionals. We collaborate with other professionals from property related disciplines, to form part of a Project Delivery Team working on a single development project.

Our collaborations include tender projects and project partnerships with other Architects, Planners, Project Managers and related disciplines to provide a comprehensive service to private Government agencies.

The Home Project

One of the collaborations to which we provide planning support to is the home project, which is a company that has responded to market demands for intelligently designed, customised homes, at a fixed budget and an affordable price. The home project aims to deliver an architect designed home which:

  • Is specifically for the area you want to live in;
  • Is aesthetically pleasing and makes the most of the aspect and features of your block
  • Is crafted with quality finishes and workmanship;
  • Integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, and environmentally-friendly principles
  • Is designed and built by a friendly and reliable project team
  • Is suitable for knock down and rebuild situations
  • Is built within a fixed time frame AND to a fixed cost.

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aSquare Planning supports sustainable projects which are becoming increasingly necessary in the shifting urban landscape. Our urban environment needs to continually adapt and change to survive and grow by responding to the changing needs around them, both natural and built.

UN Habitat

We are currently in collaboration with Melbourne based Inclusive Design and Going Solar to assist with UN Habitat projects including a current bid to prepare a Slum Upgrading Sourcebook for use in participating African and Caribbean countries.

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