Land & Environment Court Matters - Support, Representation and Expert Witness

We prepare Statements of Evidence in support of the approval (or refusal) of Development Applications on behalf of private householders, developers or Councils wherever we can professionally support our position. Before forming a view we must always be satisfied that our position (for or against) is based on sound planning merit and principles.

In addition to acting on behalf of applicants, we also regularly undertake court work for Councils including Woollahra and Waverley.

We then appear as an expert witness, either appointed by the court or acting for either party, as required. Much Court work now involves mediation and expert witness conferencing. The aim of this process is to allow the experts to resolve as many issues as possible before the matter goes to court. This saves considerable time and expense in court room proceedings.

There are now a number of options now available to try and avoid court appearances including s34 and s34AA proceedings. Please phone us to discuss how these might apply to you

Recently we have achieved considerable success in obtaining approvals, or resolving the majority of issues, following the lodgement of an appeal but prior to a court hearing. In many cases this has avoided the need to go to court altogether.

Recent Cases Include:

  • New Dwelling in Queens Park - approved at court hearing
  • New Mixed Use Development in Alexandria - 12 of 14 issues resolved prior to court hearing
  • New Residential Flat Building in Vaucluse - resolved by experts agreement prior to court hearing
  • Extension of Hours to Take away shop - approved at court hearing
  • New Residential Flat Building in Tamarama  - approved at court hearing
  • New Dwelling in Woollahra - resolved prior to court hearing