Statement of Environmental Effects


A statement of environmental effects is a report addressing the environmental impacts of a development proposal and how these impacts have been minimised. Legislation requires that a statement of environmental effects has to be submitted with every development application.

SEPP 1 objections

We prepare statements to support a numerical non compliance with a development standard (such as height or floor space) where we can demonstrate that the standard is unreasonable in the circumstances and where we can show that objectives of the standard are still met.

Statements for State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009

We prepare statements to address the loss or potential loss of affordable housing where boarding houses or flat buildings are being demolished, altered or strata subdivided. This involves providing two years of rental information and undertaking an analysis of housing provision in the suburb including a four-week survey of rental premises in surrounding suburbs to meet the requirements of the SEPP.

The  SEPP also allows for the provision of affordable rental housing in a development for a Floor Space Ratio bonus in certain circumstances. We have extensive experience in negotiating such outcomes, gained in the implementation of Waverley Council's Affordable Housing Policy, which had been in existence for many years prior to the current State Policy.

Such agreements are secured by Voluntary Planning Agreements with which we can assist.

State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004

We can advise on and assist with preparing Statements for applications using this State Policy, gained from extensive experience of its implementation in Sydney.

SEPP 65 Statements (Design Quality of Residential Flat Buildings)

We can assist with the format and wording of Design Statements for new Residential flat buildings. Please note however that these statements must be prepared by registered architects.