Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning relates to the preparation of policy (usually Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans in NSW) and the interpretation of that policy. We can both write and interpret policy, as required.

This involves survey, analysis, interpretation, forecasting  and policy formulation.

Much of our work involves the review of and commenting on draft policies, such as draft LEPs.

Response to Draft Plans

Where a Council is proposing a new Statutory Planning Regime (such as the Draft Sydney City Plan) we provide advice to individuals, developers and communities on how that draft plan may affect them. This may include Heritage Listing, changes to Height Limits, Floor Space Ratios etc.

We can make then formal representation on behalf of our clients to the relevant Council in relation to proposed statutory planning changes.

Policy Development

aSquare Planning staff have the capacity and skills to research and draft new polices for authorities and individuals, whether site specific, master plan polices or DCP and LEP policies.

We have recent overseas experience in preparing a Development Plan for Beruwala, a region of Sri Lanka. This was prepared for the Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka.

View the Beruwala policy document

Land Use Zoning Plan

Land Use Zoning Plan