Property Potential Report

Properties are linked to an increasingly complex Town Planning system, making it harder to understand the potential of a property.

In response, we created a simple yet useful 'Property Potential Report'. Our straight forward reports summarise essential planning information commonly required when doing due diligence. We also provide advice and explanatory notes based on a specific request.

These reports are individually prepared by Certified Practising Planners who are members of the Planning Institute of Australia.


Our reports are based on specific requests for residential housing. More detailed reports are available for larger development projects. Fees available on request.



  1. What can I build on the property?
  2. What is the maximum height I can build on the property?
  3. How much floor space can I build on the property?
  4. Does the property contain a Heritage item?
  5. Is the property in a Heritage Conservation Area?
  6. Is the property in a flood prone area?
  7. Does the property have an easement?
  8. Will controls or zoning change in the near future?
  9. How do Development Applications Work?
  10. Who should I contact for different advice?


  1. Zoning (permitted and prohibited uses on the property)
  2. Planning Controls explained in detail
  3. Draft Planning Controls explained in detail
  4. Development Application Information
  5. Land Title Search (including Easements & Covenants)
  6. Development Application History (within 5 years)
  7. Explanatory notes of all controls easy for anyone to understand


  • Property Purchasers
  • Property Sellers
  • Home Owners
  • Investors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Valuers
  • Home Renovators
  • Architects
  • Draftspeople

Price on Request

Report emailed directly
within 3 working days.

02 9360 0989